How to choose the best drum heads for metal?

Best drum heads for metal: Drum heads aren’t one of those items that last indefinitely. The fact that you’ll eventually need to replace them isn’t a surprise. It is a scary process because they all sound so similar, yet investing in high-quality best drum heads for metal can significantly impact your kit’s sound.

Best drum heads for metal of 2021:

To ensure that the sound is simply top-notch, we asked both professional and amateur drummers what they thought of them and listened to them in action. You can make an informed conclusion based on our in-depth examinations of these drum heads. Following are the best drum heads for metal of 2021.

Evans G2 Coated Tom pack:

Since they’re so adaptable and have a good sound that works for various genres, they’re a favorite of many drummers. If you know you need new drum heads but aren’t sure what you need, these are the perfect solution for you. Their excellent attack balances the warm tone and depth of the coated drum heads. As a result, their sound is versatile and adaptable to a wide range of musical styles and drummers.

Super-Kick II by Aquarian SKII22:

You won’t have to worry about it with a Super-Kick II drum head! In terms of bass drum heads, this is the best on the market. The revolutionary “Floating Muffling System” is built of felt for a pre-dampened yet natural sound, according to Aquarian themselves. Felt moves and “breathes” with the drum head,” according to a drummer.

The Remo Ambassador Coated:

According to Remo, the Ambassador Coated snare is coated. We have no reason to doubt it’s factual, given how fantastic it is. Listen to a guy play it in this video. Snare drum heads with the Ambassador Coating have a hot and open sound because of the coating. This one is the best drum head for metal.

The Evans EMAD2:

Evans EMAD2 is a bass drum head that may use in a variety of ways. The externally attached dampening system on this drum head allows you to get the exact tone you want. With this drum head, you’re likely to get the sound you’re looking for. You may produce varied tones by using either the wide or the thin ring. One of the best bass drums heads on the market right now.

Hazy, the Remo Ambassador:

Remo’s Ambassador Hazy needs to be explored further! As of this writing, we’ve only been discussing the drum’s top heads; what about its opposite side? Tones will be affected by the drum heads you use there. You can see what we mean if you watch this YouTube movie and compare the different varieties of heads.

Evans Genera High Definition:

Looking for a snare drum innovation that will change the way you play? You’ve stumbled onto it! It’s no surprise that the Genera HD is one of Evans’ most popular drum heads. For a more controlled sound, this drum head is what you need. Your snare drum will now sound as it should, free of any unwanted overtones or resonance. With an outside layer of 5 mils and an inner layer of 7, 5 mils, this drum head has a thickness of 2 plies.

A Reverse Dot from Evans EC:

A significant step forward in the evolution of drum heads, this is a fantastic drum head! “Edge Control” will “remove the mid-range frequencies that muck up the mix, leaving crisp highs and profound lows,” says Evans of his ‘Edge Control’ technique. Resonance and concentration are still there in the sound, but it’s well-balanced. A highly robust double ply drum head for hard hitters.

X Coated Remo Emperor X:

Have you read our reviews and wondered when heavy-duty drum heads might be available? It’s time, my friend. Drummers that use a lot of force and need a drum head that can withstand a lot of punishment will love the Remo Emperor X Coated. Remarkably long-lasting, according to Remo, this is the best Mylar head you’ll ever use.

Evans’s 300-point inspection:

The Evans Clear 300 is the next drum head on the list. Put another way; it’s a side drum head, which means it’s the opposite of a drum head you hit. The most adaptable side drum head from Evans is a good option if you don’t know what else to buy. Whatever your musical preference, this drum head will help you achieve a richer, fuller sound.


Because this drum head is neither clear nor coated, it has been dubbed “hazy.” 1-ply, thin, and elegant: these are the characteristics of this material.

The Aquarian PF12:

“You can now!” Aquarian’s description of this drum head begins here. Allow us to simplify things for you! As a result, the Aquarian regulator offers a massive sound. Are they able to meet your expectations? There is no doubt about that. This tom head delivers on its promise of a warm, rich tone with no excessive overtones. The tom head is made of double-ply cotton and is extremely long-lasting.

How to choose the best drum heads for metal?


When shopping for drum heads, there are a few things to bear in mind. Sound, coating, whether it’s a single- or double-ply head, and dampening are all factors to consider. But before we get to it, however! Of course, sound is the most crucial consideration when it comes to drum heads. You wouldn’t even play the drums if it weren’t for the sound, in addition to determining whether your tone is bright or warm.

Single- or double-ply:

Single- and Double-layered drum heads are the two types of heads available (double-ply heads). As the name implies, the 1-ply is constructed of only one thread, whereas the double is formed of two threads. If you’re playing a heavier style like heavy metal, you’ll want a thick 2-ply drum head, but for a lighter style like jazz, you’ll want a 1-ply drum head.


Clear or coated drum heads are available. A coated warmer drum head with a clear coating is often brighter. Generally speaking, clean drum heads are more suited for light music, whereas coated drum heads are better suited for more aggressive music.


What may seem like a minor detail can have a significant impact on your drumming style and sound. If you’ve ever had to change the best drum heads for metal on your drums, you’ll know how important it is to get the right feel, durability, and tone.

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