What Is the Process of Airsoft Grenades?

To win an airsoft battle, you must have a significant advantage over your adversaries. The best airsoft grenade will give you a gift in competitive play. Additionally, these grenades add an element of suspense, realism, and mayhem to your airsoft gaming experience.

What Is the Process of Airsoft Grenades?

The grenade shell of an airsoft grenade contains several BBs. The grenade is filled with gas and then tipped over. Rather than being a real grenade, this one is shaped like a pin. It will detonate either immediately upon impact or after time that can program into the device. They’ll spray projectiles all over the place. When an airsoft grenade explodes, it pours a pattern that varies depending on the grenade model.

Exactly what are the benefits of grenades?

There are times in the airsoft game when your go-to gun fails you. You’re likely to lose if a group of foes surrounds you in a well-defended position. An airsoft grenade will come in handy in this situation. A timed or impact projectile grenade that scatters BBs in all directions upon detonation may be necessary if you’re up against opponents who are well-hidden.

Smoke and High-Powered Laser Grenades:

Every gamer will know when these grenades go off because they spray BBs and make a lot of noise when they do. You can reuse and reset them, and they’re programmed to go off on a timer or in response to an impact.

Tornado Grenades:

BB grenades are what these grenades are, and they’re a variation on that theme. While rotating, they release BBs in a spiral pattern while making no noise. Tornado grenades are extremely powerful because they can hit multiple targets simultaneously, but they are also costly.


Cardboard pyro is another name for them. Because they burn, these grenades can’t use again. Depending on the materials used, they can produce flashbangs or puffs of colored smoke.

Airsoft Grenade Launchers That Can Use Alone:

Standalone airsoft grenade launchers resemble regular rifles or pistols, but instead of firing rounds in bursts, they fire a shower of BBs at once. Because they usually don’t leave enough room to carry another primary weapon, they’re designed for players who prefer to use them to launch grenades rather than shoot a rifle. They can have one or more grenade chambers.

Airsoft Grenade Launchers with Underbarrel Extensions:

To use under-barrel grenade launchers, soldiers must mount them under the rifles’ barrels. These grenade launchers can hold one 40mm grenade, which can throw by pressing a button or pulling a trigger on the launcher itself. One-shot usually necessitates removing the front part, inserting and firing again, and then re-closing the launcher.

Best Airsoft Grenade Launchers for Playing Alone:

As a result, we’ve divided the list into two sections: the best standalone airsoft grenade launchers and the best airsoft rifles.

Fires multiple rounds of grenades ICS-190 GLM:

This multiple grenade launcher can deliver massive firepower to large groups of opponents in seconds, making it a dangerous weapon. With the ICS-190 GLM Multi-Grenade Launcher, the player can fire continuously with up to six 40mm grenades. It’s big and bulky (4.6 libs. unloaded), but it’s well worth it if you’re going to be dealing with a lot of opponents and taking them out one by one.

Tactical Grenade Launcher for Airsoft Pistols:

After that, we’ll have something completely different. Small, light, easy to use, and low cost characterize the Matrix CQB 40mm TGL grenade launcher. Same with the CYMA M052 grenade launcher, which has been branded as CYMA but is identical to the Matrix launcher. During CQB games, this little guy can become your best friend.


Since it’s small and light, it’s perfect for use as a backup weapon or while running errands. It is capable of mounting standard 40mm gas-powered grenades and can be reloaded with a single shell.

GL-06 Airsoft 40mm Grenade Launcher from ASG B&T:

This single-shot 40mm airsoft grenade launcher looks like a regular rifle, but instead of BBs, it fires grenades. Like the previous model, it is capable of mounting a single 40mm gas-powered rocket launcher. With a UMP-style foldable stock, this weapon will feel much more natural in the hands of players used to working with standard rifles.

Replica King Arms M79 Grenade Launcher for Airsoft:

King Arms M79 grenade launcher is another excellent option on the market at the present moment. It has an antique appearance and is made of metal, aluminum, and natural wood. Rubber has been used on the stock’s back pad so that the gun can point more comfortably.


As previously stated, the stock is entirely constructed of natural wood, making it both incredibly sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. It’s equipped with a foldable trigger guard, so you can fire even while wearing gloves. The release lever and safety button are located on the upper part of the gun, just before the barrel.

Airsoft Grenade Launcher, Madbull XM203:

This little guy is much more compact than the previous one, but it’s no less compelling. It attaches to standard 20mm Weaver / Picatinny rails with ease, and it’s only 6 inches long, so it’ll fit most rifles, even the shortest. It’s available in black or OD green, depending on whether the player plays in the city or the woods.


The launcher’s entire body can slide forward to access the grenade slot, allowing 40mm shells to be loaded. The front right-hand side of the Madbull XM203 has a button.

For MK16 and MK17, you’ll need the Matrix EGLM 40mm Grenade Launcher.

SCAR fans will be pleased to learn about this unique grenade launcher, designed specifically for use with MK16 and MK17 rifles. Despite its length, this weapon is made of injection-molded polymer, making it a lightweight accessory. The textured tube and modern design make it easy to use even when wet or when wearing gloves.


In woodland scenarios, where players must efficiently operate their equipment in adverse conditions such as rain, cold, and unusual shooting positions necessitated by other safety systems on the weapons, this launcher is designed to perform perfectly.


Choosing the proper airsoft grenade from the best airsoft grenade launcher depends on several factors, including whether you intend to use it as a primary weapon or merely as a handy tool to help you get out of tight spots. If you’re on the fence about buying a grenade launcher, we recommend that you at least try one out before making a purchasing decision. Best airsoft grenade, Best airsoft grenade, Best airsoft grenade.

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