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Antipodr, You may find the exact opposite point on the other side of the planet by entering your current location’s address, city name, or zip code into the search box. Even before inventions, the divine spark in human nature recognized the immutable Natural Law of the Universe and compelled humanity to venture into the unknown. The human being, who from the unbeliever puts forth the assurance of possibilities and invests in the novel, has this troubling and latent pulse.


Primitive men had the same problem, and so do we. Meanwhile, many of these adventurers became heroes and are documented in their people’s cultural memory. This work takes Amyr Klink on a journey of self-discovery through the sea expeditions of the eunuch Ch’ang-Ho, the Vikings, and the tremendous European navigations of the 15th and 16th centuries are encouraging you to join them in a discussion about the teaching of physical geography. Based on the interests and needs of students in an extension course, the project was designed to examine the curricular content of Geography that is often overlooked or abandoned by students in school.

Isn’t it fascinating to consider what lies on the other side of the planet? With the help of Antipodr, an easy-to-use web tool, you may quickly determine the exact opposite point on the other side of the earth to your current location.


  • Locate the exact opposite location on the globe.
  • Coordinates for latitude and longitude are also shown.
  • Zip code search is only available in the United States.

Perspective from a Programmer’s:

Climate, Geomorphology, Pedology, Marine Geospatial, Geoprocessing, and Cartography are all discussed in the book Physical Geography: theory and practice in the teaching of geography to open up a discussion about the various aspects of Physical Geography and associated fields. The writers’ thoughts on the theme demonstrate the practical viewpoint in this debate, which emphasizes the work done in teaching this subject for Geography undergraduate courses and in schools. Some of Rio de Janeiro’s best-known authors hail from various backgrounds and institutions.

Natet pedagogical program:

Traditional methods are being abandoned in favor of newer, more creative ones that are thought to be better suited to the needs of the actual learning process.

Nobel Peace Prize:

It was unacceptable for a naval power like England to have maritime disasters keep happening. For the past 50 years, there have been no recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize. Several well-known astronomers, including Isaac Newton and Edmond Halley, have attempted to develop an accurate method for estimating longitude. John Harrison, a simple watchmaker, was the one who discovered how to measure it precisely. For the award to be given, the Longitude Commission had to accept that a weak and poorly articulated employee could win.

Harrison’s life :

At this point, Harrison’s life would be consumed by a battle that would last for the rest of his days. As Joan Dash recounts in a free online slot machine, report blends the history of science, logbook, and biography, this fight is recreated and the specifics of a critical character, the protagonist of a race that helped man realize his position in the world are presented. Longitude was one of humanity’s most significant scientific obstacles until the eighteenth century when it was finally solved.

Harrison’s mechanical answer:

Large ships sailed in the dark, prone to miscalculations, infections, food shortages, shipwrecks, and dread because they couldn’t know where they were at any one time. As part of the effort to find a solution to this problem, a monetary award was given by the English Parliament to anyone who could come up with an effective method of establishing longitude. As a result of John Harrison’s mechanical answer, a watch that could accurately record time at sea, a feat that a land-based eye had never accomplished, the world’s navigational systems were re-routed fundamentally.


For forty years after Harrison’s inventing tragamonedas, this book tragamonedas narrates the narrative of Harrison’s fight for fame, with ingredients tastier than fiction. It’s possible to locate yourself on the other side of the world. The Import/Export Tool in Magneto’s import/export function is helpful. Because there is so little information available, I thought I’d add my two cents. 02. The import/export tool can use to import large quantities of products. If you want to add 50 products, it’s considerably easier to do so.

 Open Source Ecommerce Platform:

For a website I’ve been working on, I’ve been learning Magneto for the past few months. It’s an open-source e-commerce platform built on the Zed PHP framework that’s quite powerful. When I initially started using the software, it was a little overwhelming. Entrepreneurs should read this book. Entrepreneurs and start-up enthusiasts should check out these books. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, and there are countless excellent works available. Relaxation and education go hand in hand when you read a book. When I was a kid, I was a massive fan of travel books. It all began with a bang.

Finally, out of the sandbox: I’m back in Google:

After almost three months, I’m finally out of the Google Search Results Sandbox. A hacker used SQL injection to insert spam text into my posts after my WordPress site was hacked and accessed my database. Once again, I’m at the top of the results for “Actionscript 3.0, XML, flash slideshow” searches. It’s all fantastic news! From my iPhone, with best wishes. Greetings from the new iPhone app for WordPress! Waiting for an iPhone app from WordPress appears to have finally come.


A lot of work needs to be done in Pakistan’s Geography department. If you’re really into it, the possibilities are endless. As a sub-discipline of geography, much work needs to be done. There are several sub-disciplines and subdivisions in the academic area of geography, and there are hundreds of scholars working in them. Almost any topic can be categorized as a geography subfield. Many of the branches of geography are summarised below to familiarise the reader with their breadth and depth. antipodr, antipodr, antipodr, antipodr.

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